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Privacy Policy.

Last updated: March 9, 2021

Content and applicability

The Privacy Statement applies to all processing of personal data within Sto-cap. Sto-cap ensures that it complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). Stop-cap considers it extremely important to deal with user data in a responsible manner. Personal data is carefully processed and protected. The Privacy Statement has been adjusted in line with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) as of May 25, 2018. In this statement you can read, among other things, what information Sto-cap collects and why. If changes occur in the law or in our services and products, these may affect the way in which Sto-cap uses your personal data. In that case, the Privacy statement will be adjusted.

Scope and concept formation

Sto-cap processes personal data and may share your personal data: -- Your personal data is processed by Stripe -- with SendInBlue to send out newsletters after you signed up for this -- with Combell to provide support -- to improve the service to you. Sto-cap stores data about users and their surfing behavior on the website in files, with the aim of analyzing this data in order to improve the website in such a way that Sta-cap can further optimize its services. If you have given your consent, Sto-cap can also use the information in question to keep you informed about interesting products and services, news, information about products and services from other departments of Sto-cap, and products and services of business partners -- because the law says it must do so or to comply with our duty of care -- When we refer to "processing", this may mean the collection and / or the storage, modification, consultation, provision and deletion of personal data. The Privacy statement does not refer to company details since this type of data is not covered by the legal rules for privacy protection. However, the personal details of the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and / or authorized representatives or employees of these companies is.


Do you have questions about this privacy statement? Then you can contact Sto-cap, by post via

What is personal data?

Personal data is all data that correspond to an identification or identifiable living natural person. For example, this can be your name and bank account number, but also data that can be linked to you, such as your telephone number or IP address.

Why does Sto-cap collect personal data?

Stop-cap collects information from its customers in order to optimize its services. Stop-cap does this by using certain cookies. You also provide personal data when you visit the website. It is also possible that Sto-cap receives your personal data from third parties. For example, Sto-cap can consult registers (such as Chamber of Commerce) or public sources when you enter into an agreement with Sto-cap.

How does Sto-cap deal with my personal data?

Because Sto-cap processes important personal data, data protection of its account holders and other relationships have always been an important part of how it deals with personal data and how it organizes its processes. Sto-cap provides appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing, for example to prevent unauthorized persons having access to personal data. All personal data is treated strictly confidentially and, only if necessary, shared with a trusted third party with whom Sto-cap has an agreement and / or obligation. Sto-cap will only provide the minimum data to an external party to be able to execute the agreement that it has with you.

How long is personal data stored?

Sto-cap does not store your personal data longer than is necessary for achieving the aforementioned purposes or to comply with laws and regulations.

What rights do I have with regard to my personal data?

Right to access personal data. You can request a copy of your personal data that Sto-cap has -- Right to adapt personal data. If you think that your personal data is not correct with us, you can contact Sto-cap. -- Right to limited processing. You can request Sto-cap to have less personal data processed. Sto-cap will agree to this if it is not obliged to process such personal data pursuant to an agreement or law. -- Right to data portability. This is the right not only to view your personal data, but also to receive it in a form that makes it easy for you to reuse or pass it on to another organization. -- Right of objection. In some cases you can object to the processing of your personal data. If Sto-cap does not process the personal data on the basis of the law or an agreement with you, Sto-cap will agree with you on which processing of which personal data will be discontinued. -- Right to delete personal data. You can request Sto-cap to have your personal data removed from our systems. The extent to which Sto-cap can meet such requests may depend on the type of information that the request sees. -- Right to withdraw consent. Insofar as Sto-cap processes your personal data on the basis of your consent, you can always withdraw this consent. -- Right to file a complaint. If you have a complaint about the way in which Sto-cap has processed your personal data, you can contact Sto-cap.

Cookie policy

Like many other websites, Sto-cap uses 'cookies' in electronic services. You can set the browser to notify you when a cookie is placed or you can choose not to accept cookies, but this choice limits the possibilities of the website. The domain name under which cookies are stored is The validity of the cookies varies from the duration of your visit to the website to an unlimited period.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the hard disk of your computer, in order to recognize you when you visit the site again. A cookie has a unique number to which data can be linked. There are a few types of cookies: functional cookies and analytical cookies. Here you can read more about which cookies Sto-cap uses and the purpose of the cookies.

Why does Sto-cap use cookies?

Sto-cap can use cookies for the following purposes: To be able to inform you about our services in a better and personal way -- To improve the website -- To analyze the use of the website.

How long do I consent to cookies?

Sto-cap determines whether you have given permission to place a cookie. Every year you are asked again if you accept cookies. You can then again give your consent for the placing of cookies. This also applies to cookies that are valid for longer than 1 year.